The Goulburn Soldiers Club is a registered COVID safe venue, practising all of the appropriate COVID safe measures. To ensure our venue remains a safe place for you to enjoy, these measures are regularly updated to adhere to the changing policies directed by the Australian Government, NSW health and ClubsNSW.
The safety and wellbeing of our staff and patrons is our number one priority.

Although we are open and happily operating, it is not business as usual and a number of policies have been implemented

  • A reduced venue capacity of 1352 patrons.
  • It is essential to sign in and out of the club when visiting our venue.
  • If you are feeling unwell, or presenting with the mildest of symptoms do not enter.
  • All patrons must adhere to social distancing regulations
  • All patrons must remain seated whilst drinking alcohol (indoors only)
  • All directional signage must be followed.
  • Good hygiene practises, including good hand and sneeze hygiene will be followed at all times whilst in the venue.

We have a number of friendly COVID Marshalls in hi-vis vests around the club at all times to guide you through the current changes. These Marshalls have your health and wellbeing as their number one priority and are continuously doing their best to keep our venue clean and safe.
Our Marshalls are tasked with ensuring compliance of social distancing rules, answering questions or concerns, promoting good personal hygiene, and regularly cleaning and sanitizing our venue.
Please follow our Marshall’s instructions at all times and help us to keep our community safe


COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN (21/12/20 update)

Venue capacity is 1352

The Goulburn Soldiers Club has developed this COVID-19 Safety Plan to comply with the current Public Health Orders in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and to manage risks (including COVID-19) to staff and other people in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

Wellbeing of staff and customers

Exclusion. Staff and customers who are unwell will be excluded, even if they only have mild symptoms. 

Advice. We will advise staff who have respiratory symptoms or fever to be immediately tested for COVID19 and remain in isolation at home until they have received their result. We will ensure staff are aware of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self-isolate.

Conditions on entry. We will ensure clear display of the conditions of entry on public platforms, including on the website, social media platforms and at the venue entrance. Contact details of customers, staff & contractors are captured via ServiceNSW App and electronically upon entry to the Club.

Patrons seated. Alcohol will only be consumed indoors by customers whilst seated.

Staff training. Appropriate staff training in relation to staying away from work when sick, when to get tested, physical distancing, wearing masks (if requested), cleaning and managing sick customers will be provided.  Staff start and break times are staggered. Staff will be trained in the process of how to collect and store contact details of patrons.  Food service staff have completed NSW Food Authority Covid Training.  

Deliveries. Contactless delivery and invoicing are encouraged.

Music & dancing etc. Music entertainment will be limited to one person with physical distancing of 5 metres for all other people including the audience.   Dancing will not be permitted.

Snooker, Darts, Games, Raffles & Promotions. Patrons are permitted to stand on the condition that they are not drinking alcohol.

Tabatinga Kids Play.  Tabatinga Rules form part of this Covid-19 Safety Plan.

Covid Safe Hygiene Marshalls.  During Club trading hours, one staff member will be allocated as Covid Safe Hygiene Marshall.  The Marshall will wear a distinctive hi-vis vest and be responsible for ensuring all aspects of the Covid-19 Safety Plan are being adhered to.

Signage.  We will prominently display mandated CovidSafe signage that has been issued by relevant Government authorities and conditions of entry on our website, social media and venue entry.

Face Masks.  Staff are distanced by 1.5m on most occasions.  We will provide a face mask to any staff member on request.

Physical distancing: 

Capacity.  Will not exceed one patron per 2 square metres.  Our club will support 1.5m physical distancing by limiting the capacity of the venue in accordance with the density limit in the Public Health Order of one patron per two square metres.  It is not practicable to separate tables and chairs such that there will be 1.5m physical distance between seated groups, however physical distancing will be supported by complying with the density limit in the Public Health Order.

Service of alcohol. Alcohol will be consumed by customers indoors whilst seated only, outdoor areas are excluded.  

Gaming machines. Our club will support 1.5m physical distance between gaming machines players by limiting the capacity of the gaming area in accordance with the density limit in the Public Health Order of one patron per two square metres.  It is not practical to space out gaming machines to support 1.5 metres physical distance between players, however physical distancing will be supported by complying with the density limit in the Public Health Order.

Crowd control. A COVID Safe Hygiene Marshall will manage any gathering that may occur outside the entrance to the premises.  Physical distancing with markers on the floor in areas where people are asked to queue have been provided. 

Hygiene and cleaning: 

Hygiene facilities. Good hand hygiene facilities are available at club entry and exit, at all counters and in all restrooms and hand hygiene has been promoted to staff. 

Bathrooms. Bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and warm dryers.  Posters with instructions on how to wash hands are provided.  

Cutlery. Cutlery and single use items such as straws and napkins will not be stored in communal areas. 

Menus. Menus will be single use paper menus or laminated menus that will be sanitised after use. 

Cleaning. Frequently touched areas and surfaces will be cleaned several times per day with a detergent or disinfectant solution or wipe. This includes electronic gaming machines, EFTPOS equipment, elevator buttons, handrails, countertops, doorknobs, and sinks. Table and chair hard furnishings. Sugar, salt/pepper and cutlery are handed out with order and then , cleaned between customers with a detergent or disinfectant solution or wipe. All other areas frequented by staff or customers will be cleaned at least daily with detergent or disinfectant. Disinfectant solutions will be maintained at an appropriate strength and used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.  

Additional Ventilation.  Natural ventilation will be increased in Poppys by opening doors when weather allows.

Gloves.  Staff will wear gloves when cleaning and wash hands thoroughly before and after with soap. 

Cash. Patrons will be encouraged to limit the use of cash transactions by the use of contactless payment options. 

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