Tabatinga Dine & Play

Tabatinga Dine and Play Goulburn is the largest indoor play centre in the area. It is the premier location for Parents/Carers and their children to meet, socialise and play in a free-to-use play space adjacent to the Club’s main dining area. Tabatinga Goulburn includes both toddler and pre-teen play areas with all the colour and flavour that the brand is known for.

Please be mindful, parents of children playing in Tabatinga must remain in visual contact with them at all times.

At Tabatinga Dine and Play Goulburn, we have:

  • Toddler Play Area (0-4 Years)
  • Multi-level Jungle climbing play structure (0-12 Years)
  • Interactive board for Tabatinga themed activities and information
  • Safe and secure entry and exit area.
  • Two fire emergency exit doors
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Sanitizing stations
  • Air-conditioned
  • Connecting Café with coffee, cakes and light meals