Looking for the perfect location for your child’s birthday party? Tabatinga Dine and Play Goulburn have everything you need in just one location!
Book your next Birthday Party with Tabatha and friends and let us take all of the stress out of the planning. The kids will love the Tabatinga Play Centre, whilst the adults relax and enjoy themselves knowing everything is catered for.

Book your next party with us below!


When celebrating at Tabatinga, you must consider the following:

  • Socks must be worn by all children attending the party
  • All children and adults attending parties must comply with the Rules of Play
  • No Substitutions within the party packages are permitted
  • Hosting parents are advised to bring in extra socks for guests that forget to bring their own
  • No outside food is permitted in the Club. Exceptions include birthday cakes, fresh fruit and baby food.
  • Please do not bring cakes that contain nuts.

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