Community Support

The Goulburn Soldiers Club holds a proud reputation of community support within a wide range of charitable, community and sporting associations.
At the Soldiers, we put our community first and are always looking for ways to help achieve a greater social well-being within our local community.
We are very proud to be able to financially and physically support our community to create bigger and better pathways for not-for-profit organisations, community groups, sports clubs and other valuable community initiatives.

Club Grants Funding

Worth of donations in just 1 year from

“YOUR CLUB” Goulburn Soldiers Club

The Goulburn Soldiers Club have proudly donated $23,425  to fund an upgrade of Urology equipment at the Goulburn Base Hospital for the use in Prostate Surgery.
Up until now, patients have needed to travel to Sydney and Canberra, away from their families and support networks for their treatment.

The new equipment will now allow men in the local community to have their surgery for Prostate Cancer in their local area.
Here at the Goulburn Soldiers Club, we are all about helping our local community in every way possible. During such a unprecedented year for all, this is more important to us than ever!


Meet Alice

Goulburn High School and the Goulburn Soldiers Club have been working hand in hand to bring to life the concept of therapy dogs in special education units in regional areas.

Alice is the first step to help this initiative grow and develop and be the beginning of something great in both an educational setting and aged care facilities in the future.

Alice is a chocolate brown Tamaruke who is working in the special education unit (support unit) at Goulburn High School, with an overall purpose to react and respond to a number of different intellectual and behavioural needs, to create a positive and safe environment for the students and to enhance positive relationships amongst the peers and the staff.

The Goulburn Soldiers have provided our support via contributing the sum of five thousand dollars for all of Alice’s training session, a strong presence in her training and development so far and continuing this into the future, cross-promoting via the use of social media platforms, local newspapers and in-house club advertising (posters, monthly magazines, club meet and greets with Alice in Tabatinga).